Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random stuff......

So for Mother's Day, Dale surprised me with a new camera! I had lots of fun taking random pictures of cute kids. The one above and below were my favorites. Hopefully I'll get better......
Tiara plays the violin - if you didn't know - and this was her last concert of the year. She auditioned for next year and was the only 6th grader to make it into the Chamber Orchestra (that's mostly 8th graders). She was very excited!

For Mother's Day we took Dale's mom to dinner in St. George and then stopped by New Harmony for dessert with my mom.

Dale and I went to Provo a few weekends ago to watch Tiara in a dance competition. Her team took 2nd place in all their dances. She did great.

Lovin' my new camera!!
On our way to Provo, we stopped by Nephi and saw Adam and Charla and Ashton. We took Ashton with us to stay in the hotel and swim! He and Tiara had such a good time. Isn't he such a cutie!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Morgan (Grad's Dance and Birthday)

So Morgan turned Sweet 16 on May 7th. For her birthday I took her to the Olive Garden for dinner...........
We had lots of fun. Morgan got a "fruity" drink.

After a huge dinner of cheesey raviolis, Morgan wanted dessert, so we got these
delicious donuts that you dunk in even more delicious chocolate donut frosting.
They brought it with a candle and then sang to her. Awww!

But THEN, the real fun started. Morgan had previously seen this really cute guy and kept telling me how cute he was. I couldn't see him, but I could tell where her was sitting. So after our dinner, I told Morgan that I needed to go to the bathroom but I really walked over to his table. He was there with his mom and dad and family. I said "excuse me, but how outgoing do you think this young man is?" They said that he was pretty outgoing - but he looked pretty shy! Anyway, I said "I have my daughter over here and it's her 16th birthday and I need a really hot guy to come over and take a picture with her." He said sure. Then I said, well ok, come on and he said "NOW?" He was so darling about it. He sat right down by her and put his arm around her. His name was Jason......
This is her reaction to me bringing him over!!!
This is the hunk Jason! Sweet dreams, Morgan.

Then we went to Tuachan and saw Brian Reagan (a comedian). It was so funny!

When we got home at about 11:00 pm Tiara had hung this cute sign for Morgan - it says Happy Birthday! I got her the flowers earlier that morning when I took her whole Mohey group homemade cinnamon rolls at 6 AM!

That Saturday Morgan went to the Graduation dance with Chase.......He did pretty good at getting a matching tie, huh?
That's my Morgan! Love you sweetie and Happy 16th!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Big 8 - 0!

I know I just posted about my weight - BUT I just hit 80 pounds lost and had to share! Only 2.2 pounds until my "weight watcher" goal - but then I'll try to lose another 5 at least - so I can have some "wiggle" room. : )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

77.8 POUNDS!!

I made it past the 75 pound mark!!! So I thought a few "before" pictures might be in order. Here is from last May at Sundee's wedding (obviously...).
This is me with Brighton on August 25, about two months after beginning Weight Watchers on July 1st. I think I had lost about 20 pounds at this point.
This was a trip with my friends to celebrate us (Me and Myra, second from right) having lost 50 pounds!!
Jodee and me on New Year's Eve. I had lost about 62 by Christmas and my wonderful children and husband gave me tons of new clothes and this darling coat! Thanks, Jodee!
This was at Christmas time, too - but I just wanted to show you our 4 generation picture!
Now for the current picture. Whoo hoo!! Taken just a few days ago, having lost 77.8. My goal is to lose about 10 more and then start the maintaining process!

Taken this morning!!

I just want to put a HUGH plug in for Weight Watchers. I think it has made all the difference. Yes, it costs money, but I figure I'll re-coop it in medical costs that I will NOT have. I go to the meetings every week, I follow the "core" program, but I think that "points" works well too - just depends on you! I've learned to listen to my stomach and stop when I'm full (not stuffed). I've learned to substitute healthier things for junk food. I've learned to have the junk if I really want it and then just move on. If I blow it for a day, then I blew it. But more often now, I blow it for just one meal or one snack and then I get right back on track. I do exercise and that has really helped. I swim, I ride my stationary bike (thanks, kids!), I walk, I do weights. Anyway, Weight Watchers keeps me focused, encouraged and enthusiastic. We have a great teacher and a fun class. If you live in a big city, go to several meetings till you find the one that is fun!
AND a REALLY BIG THANK YOU to my family and friends and even people I don't know who have been so encouraging and telling me that I look good. It feels great!! Hopefully, in a month or two, I'll make my another post when I make my goal!! Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just for Fun!

This is a picture of Dale sitting out in his rocking chair. Now that's nothing unusual for him, but I just thought it was comical that he's sitting outside when it's so cold that you have to have your hood on!! He loves to rock and he loves the outdoors!!
After visiting my sisters for a few days (pictures are forthcoming) I got to visit Jodee, Braden and Brighton for two whole days! It was so much fun. Brighton has changed so much since Christmas.
She just loves to open that mouth and smile, smile, smile. And she loves her bath!
When we went to dinner, she was sitting in a high chair facing the people as they left the restaurant. She is such a flirt and people just kept stopping and flirting back!
Yep, that's me with my Brighton.
Now tell me she isn't exicted to have me there!!
Here's her "laughing out loud" smile.
And I actually got a picture of a smile without her mouth wide open!!
This is her "I absolutely adore you, Grandma" smile!
I did take pictures of Jodee and Braden, too. BUT they were blurry! Sorry!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dax and Ty

While we were having a little birthday
party for Dax (he turns 5 on the 25th!),
Ty had wandered over to the table and was
helping himself to a pan full of brownies!

He didn't care that we were all watching
him - he just kept shoveling it in!!

He made quick work of a whole lot of

Garrett and Dax with the birthday cake.

I can't believe he's 5!

And still SOOOO cute.

Tiara and Dax (she's going to miss them
almost as much as me!)

Ty with a "cheetos" face - being cute
for the camera.

We took the boys to a basketball game
at the highschool so we could watch
Morgan dance. Ty DID NOT like the
loud crowd or the pep band! He spent
the whole game with a blanket over his

Garrett and his family just moved to
Pearsall, Texas (outside of San Antonio)
We will miss them soooooo much. But
it's just for awhile (2 years??). Thank
heavens for Visa points with air miles!!